IFA Accreditation Code of Conduct

Accreditation Code of Conduct


Investor Friendly Agents (IFA) is a consulting business specialising in training Real Estate professionals to enhance their skills in the industry, and providing a point of difference.  Through better knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of numerous property investing strategies, Real Estate professionals gain valuable insight, allowing them to more effectively build strong (and profitable) relationships with Investors.

Investor Friendly Agents (Rajohn Australia Pty Ltd and Rachel Barnes ATF Genesis Bros Trust, its Trustees, and any authorised staff and associates) have the right to invite, accept, refuse, or expel any Agents from the Investor Friendly Agent Register and withdraw Accreditation.


IFA will provide Accreditation for those Agents who show understanding and competency in the fundamentals of property investment, and who agree to be bound by this code of ethical conduct.  Accreditation will be reviewed and renewed annually.

IFA  and its members are committed to developing and enhancing the real estate industry by providing excellent customer care, and upholding high standards of practice that are open, ethical and honest. All Accredited members of IFA agree to support this objective by abiding by these principles in all their dealings with investors, customers, and other members of the real estate profession.

Annual Review:

Accreditation is subject to annual review to ensure ongoing compliance with the code of conduct, and provide additional training or information to assist the Agent to maintain an acceptable standard.

A new Accreditation Certificate will be provided following the successful review each year.

The IFA Accreditation Code of Conduct (“The Code”)

The Code covers the conduct of Accredited members of IFA who are either owners or officers of companies who conduct real estate businesses (“Accredited Members”), including businesses offering real estate sales, administration services, property management, or any other associated real estate services.

Although an Agency may have an Accreditation window decal to attract Investors and display their credibility, each Agent needs to be individually Accredited and certified as such to become an Accredited Member.

All Accredited Members of IFA will ensure that their businesses are conducted in accordance with the principles, as well as the spirit and intention of this Code.


The Principles of IFA Accreditation

All Accredited Members of IFA shall:

  1. Exhibit high professional standards; Act openly, ethically and honestly in their dealings with all parties and ensure that all of their employees do so too.
  2. Abide by the principles of clarity and transparency
  3. Exhibit a respectful and courteous manner at all times to Investors
  4. Be Reliable: Communicate in a timely fashion, keep appointments and be punctual.
  5. Provide justifiable, reasonable and competitive pricing of goods and services.
  6. Ensure that any non-Accredited members of the Agency are not represented as Accredited.
  7. Display your current IFA Accreditation Certificate to ensure Investors can easily ascertain the credibility of the Member.
  8. Be proud of, and uphold the intent and integrity of the Investor Friendly Agent brand.

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct here