The Great Real Estate Debate – Melbourne

The Great Real Estate Debate – Feel the Heat in Melbourne!

Imagine the heated debate when you mix Agents  and Investors to find out if …

‘Buyers are Liars’ in Victoria!

Who will win this Great Debate – the team for the Affirmative or the team for the Negative?

Come along to find out which team wins and enjoy Supper and Stimulating Conversation.  

You could be an Investor looking for the right contacts to help you source a property or sell a property.

You could be an Agent looking to connect with Sellers and Buyers.

You could be a Finance Broker, Buyers Agent, Renovator, Interior Designer, Developer …..

We’re bringing Real Estate Agents, Buyers Agents, Property Investors and other Property Professionals together in one room and having some TOP key industry professionals from each side of the arena debate this very controversial statement ..Buyers are Liars.

Come along and connect with Agents and Investors and other Property Professionals to enjoy this revolutionary FUN and RELEVANT networking event where TOP property focussed people meet!  

Beware – you will learn while you enjoy the debate, because whatever side you are on now, the benefit of understanding how the other person thinks in any negotiation or business relationship is paramount to making it a profitable partnership or transaction.

It’s time to build bridges and business relationships … AND have some FUN !!

Seating is limited and bookings are essential, so don’t delay – Secure your seat now

Do not miss this event; It will never be the same again.

We have such amazing people on the Debating team.

Have you heard of Ben Kingsley?  Not that famous actor, but the award winning, property advisor who’s continually sought after for comment by the media including appearances on Your Money Your Call and Melboure Property TV. Ben is founder and CEO of Empower Wealth, Chairman of the Property Professionals of Australia (PIPA), a qualified property investment advisor, and a licenced real estate agent in three states!

One example is the awesoome Tim O’Dwyer from Brisbane who will be heading one of the teams.  As a Notary, Solicitor, Consumer Advocate and regular contributing writer for Australian Property Investor magazine this ‘Contract Killer’ is sure to bring some heat to the debate!  And we’re not going to tell you which side he’s on!

Another Great Debater is also a contributor for Australian Property Investor (API) magazine. Carolyn Wright is an awesome entrepreneur who established her own property management company (Your Property Manager) about 5 years ago and now has 7 full time dedicated staff. Carolyn is not just a fully licensed estate agent, seminar speaker & presenter; committee member of REIV Property Management Interest Group 2009 and an avid investor and renovator, she is also a mum who has built up a portfolio of 15 properties to become a self-made property millionaire in her early 30s.

Rent Cover is a ‘must have’ for every landlord, and EBM Insurance Broker’s Executive General Manager, Sharon Fox Slater is a ‘must have’ for this debate.  With 20 years experience in the insurance industry, Sharon would be an expert on detecting ‘porky pies’ on claim forms, so which team will she want to represent?

Join us in Melbourne for this unique event. Look forward to meeting you soon!

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