PIA-Pro for Business use (Property Investor Analysis – Professional)


PIAProAdd value to your Investor clients by helping them analyse a property and create an informative and well presented report, including your client’s details and your professional disclaimers.


PIA Professional PIAPro (Pro = Professional)

We believe Property Investment Analysis is an invaluable tool for any Investor to help them calculate the cash flow (positive or negative) for a property.

pia_interfaceThis particular version of the PIA software is designed for industry professionals who want to help investors consider many of the benefits and implications of investing in property.

This version has all the analytical features of the PIA Investor plus additional client-related features (e.g. client detail fields and professional disclaimers in any generated reports).

The professional package also includes a site license for the software and two of Jan Somer’s bestselling books, More Wealth from Residential Property and Building Wealth Story by Story Jan_Somers'_Books

We recommend that an agent’s use of the software is to HELP and add value to the investor.  Obviously as an Investor Friendly Agent you would not use any exaggerated estimates to ‘make a sale’.  We  suggest that default parameters are kept conservative and only changed in consultation with the investor.  The end result should always be something that has been generated in collaboration with the investor… that’s a great way to build a long term trustworthy and professional relationship.

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