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Real Estate Agents

Get educated and connected with Investors who buy and sell property not just once, but time after time. That's Smart. That's Leverage, That Pays!

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Property Managers

A Rent Roll should be an asset not a liability. Find out HOW you can attract, and manage landlords more effectively - for more profit!

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Expand and Engage your Network

Would you like to inspire your existing clients and contacts to invest ... and have them introduce their contacts to you too?

We make Networking relevant, effective, unique and FUN.

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Become a Preferred Partner for Property Investors

As a great Agent you understand how important it is to know as much as you can about your customer.

You can spend a lot of time assessing their needs, working with them, building a great relationship - but with a home seller you rarely get to leverage that relationship in future because they may not be in the market to sell or buy for another 5 or even 10 years. Investors on the other hand are often looking at buying and selling multiple times within a few years, so it makes sense that if you can build a good relationship with an Investor, you CAN leverage that relationship again, and again, and again. Plus the relationship can compound when they refer you to their network of other investors!

Our half-day workshops can teach you to become a recognized and Accredited Investor Friendly Agent, so that you can tap into an amazing network of property investors to help expand your mind and expand your income potential!