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Who We Are

My name is Rachel Barnes, and I created Investor Friendly Agents to unite the best real estate professionals and property investors in the country to help them achieve better results together.

Over the last 15 years I've built a successful career as a property investor, author, entrepreneur and speaker in the real estate arena, purchasing and maintaining up to 80 properties in 3 countries around the world.

I love empowering the people around me and connecting them with their financial goals, which is why after achieving incredible success with my own investing I started sharing my passion for real estate with others.

I now offer workshops for real estate teams to learn how to work with investors, a directory of accredited agents for investors to find a new business partner, private coaching for new and even some seasoned investors, including valuable tools and resources to assist everyone make better profit with real estate.

What We Do

There's been a misconception in real estate for a long time - that investors can be a difficult bunch to work with.

As a successful property investor with 15 years experience and a wide industry network, however, I can tell you this: we can get frustrated when we're not understood. On the other hand, real estate agents who do have the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively with us are by far the most valuable asset in any successful investor's portfolio.

And with investor demand for Housing reaching incredible new highs in recent years, real estate professionals with the right training to work alongside us are now being hunted down to list our properties and close deals for us.

That's why we offer training sessions, agent directories, private coaching and other tools and resources to upskill real estate professionals around Australia so they can work with investors to create long lasting mutual success together.

If you're a Principal or Buyer's Agent looking to leverage the effectiveness of your team and grow your business fast, check out our incredibly popular Investor Friendly Agent training now.


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David Stockbridge Real Estate Agent's Group

Your delivery of the information was brilliant - you now have us in the office thinking hard about how to use our protocols to leverage our position investor market. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us and delivering a high value presentation! 

Jo Vadillo Advocate Property Services

Rachel's industry knowledge blows me away. She has a really easy to comprehend presentation style so you come away inspired, educated and motivated.

Allie Coutts Madeleine Hicks Real Estate

Rachel presents with passion and clarity. She controls the flow of the meeting to ensure a positive outcome. I find her easy to listen to and I would encourage others to learn from her experience.