Event Sponsorship

Great Real Estate Debate (National Events)

If you are in the Real Estate industry, and either entrepreneurial yourself, or working for a company that is forward thinking and always looking for opportunities to expand their brand, then THIS is what you need to read …(or just skip to the bottom to apply!)

About the Event:    This is the ULTIMATE networking event for property people!

This event brings together professionals in the Real Estate Industry and connects them with each other to enhance affiliate opportunities, as well as introducing them all to Investors, and any other Buyers and Sellers of Property.

We believe it’s the ultimate in networking because the ice breaker is interactive, intereseting and fun.  We invite top people in the Real Estate field to debate a hot topic and the audience gets to vote on which team wins the debate – the Affirmative or the Negative.  It’s not a political debate – it’s very ‘tongue in cheek’ and the outcome of each debate is immediately positive and potentially profitable!

Great Debate CollageThe event founder and organiser is Rachel Barnes of Investor Friendly Agents (IFA). The business principle is to build bridges between Investors, Agents and all professionals in the industry to put profits in everyone’s pockets and build strong relationships and respect for each other.  Events can be held in major capital cities Eg.  Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin –  Regional areas subject to local demand.

Who would benefit from sponsoring these events?

Overall sponsorship suits property professionals who understand the benefits of exposing their brand and their reach within the industry for a  small outlay of money, time and effort on their behalf.

Sponsors see the benefits of getting exposure to new clients as well as adding value to existing clients (through offering VIP tickets).  They also understand the benefits of having their own staff attend to build their external connections, get ideas from other delegates and build some camaraderie within their internal work team.

Here’s a list of those business types that can benefit the most from sponsoring these Events:
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Buyers Agencies
  • Property Management Companies
  • Finance Brokers
  • Insurance Companies who provide Building and Landlord insurance
  • Companies who provide useful tools and resources for Investors and/or Real Estate Agents and other property professionals

If your business type is not on the list but you believe there’s benefit to you, please let us know by emailing rachel@investorfriendlyagents.com.au

Who would NOT be acceptable as a Sponsor:

This probably goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway … We will not accept sponsorship from anyone we don’t believe has integrity and the right intent.

Of course we look for a ‘debate’ team and although we may seek out individuals who might be described as ‘opinionated’ ‘controversial’, strongly biased with a certain perspective, or just like to play the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ for fun, we will not invite anyone to debate, or accept sponsorship from any person or company where their integrity and ethics are seriously in doubt or worse still, non-existent.

Now that we’ve cleared that up …

General Benefits of Sponsorship and Attendance:

We are no doubt stating the obvious again, but just to be clear….

Branding, exposure and great connection with Real Estate Agents, Investors, Buyers Agents, Renovators, Property Managers, Insurers, Finance Brokers, Solicitors … everyone involved in making profits through Property!

Apply to be a Sponsor now while the options are open – it’s easy:

Send an email to rachel@investorfriendlyagents.com.au

Include in the Subject : Sponsorship Application

In the email please provide the following :

  1. Your Company Name, Website, and preferred Contact Details
  2. Why you would make a great sponsor (benefits for you and us)
  3. Link to Testimonials (or include an Industry referee we could contact)