Trainer Profile – Rachel Barnes

Knowing your customer is important and that’s just one good reason for having  an experienced Property Buying Customer share her knowledge and experience with you over a half day workshop.  Here's a little about her background so you understand why the information she’ll share is worth knowing...

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Rachel Barnes Our No 1 Trainer

Rachel Barnes spent 20 years in the finance industry, working her way up from a casual loans typist to become the first female Executive Manager of a leading Credit Union.  Rachel and her partner John Fowler, realized their goal of leaving the corporate world over 10 years ago. It wasn’t through luck – it was through Property Investing.

Their ‘claim to fame’ was their speed of purchasing 75 rentals in just 64 months.  That gave them the opportunity to travel extensively – in fact they have had the good fortune to visit over 20 countries in the past 10 years, as well as investing in some of them.  Investing overseas has helped them appreciate the benefits of investing in Australia.

We don't believe there's any better person to help you than our No 1 trainer, Rachel Barnes

We can say that confidently because Rachel has...

  • A background in traditional business, as well as  non-traditional business - so she understands how important the bottom line is.
  • Co-authored 5 books relating to property and business
  • FeaturedCollageVertiBeen interviewed across various media including Today Tonight, A Current Affair,  and on Radio shows such as ‘Real Estate Talk’ in Brisbane (and 2UE in Sydney)
  • Featured in and provided content for newspapers and magazines many  times including, Australian Property Investor magazine, Your Investment Property magazine, NZ Property Investor, Adelaide Advertiser and the Canberra Times
  • Over the past 7 years she has travelled nationally with ‘Property Women’ as a key presenter helping to inform, educate and empower women to invest in property.
  • Personally mentors men and women in property investing.
  • Has  been a guest speaker at other events such as TAFE (Property School), Westpac Women’s network, as well as other local property investor groups,
  • Is responsible for the global expansion of a $400m Coffee company
  • Has hosted Property Education Tours in Florida and Atlanta USA, North Island of New Zealand and participated in a Property Tour in France.

So I'm sure you'll agree that you won't get a better all round speaker, who encourages participation and fun in all her training events.

Rachel will share her many years of property investing experience, tips, techniques and tools with you and your team to help each of you be even more successful in your Real Estate career.