IFA Agent Training

Train Your Real Estate Team to Work With Investors

How would you feel if your agency was making double the profit with only half the clients? 

What if your real estate team could focus time on building relationships with clients who make deals time and time again, instead of wasting their hours chasing empty leads or one-off sellers and buyers?

You may have heard about the 80/20 rule, which states that the quickest way to leverage your time (and profit) is by focusing on the 20% of your clients that bring in 80% of your business.

If you run a real estate agency or business, that 20% of clients are property investors.

There's been a misconception in real estate for a while - that investors are a difficult and skeptical bunch to work with. As a successful investor with 15 years experience and a wide industry network, I can tell you this: one of the biggest keys to an investor's success is building profitable long-term relationships with the right real estate agents - the ones with the skills and knowledge to unlock mutual financial abundance.

And when investors and real estate professionals with the right training work together, they have the potential to create an unstoppable wealth-building team.

Some of the massive benefits of working with investors:

  • Half the clients, double the listings - Just one relationship can bring your agency two listings or two hundred
  • Constant deals - Investors are more active in the market than home owners so they list and purchase constantly (even more with the right help from a trained agent)
  • Educated clients - Get back all of that time lost explaining processes or waiting for one-off buyers to make a decision
  • Faster lead-generation - Investors are part of large national networks and share contacts regularly
  • Grow your profit, exponentially - Learning your client's needs allows you to find their perfect deals faster

Investor demand for housing has reached incredible new highs in recent years, which means investors more than ever before are on the hunt for agents with the right training to list their properties, make deals and manage their portfolios.

Investor Friendly Agents Training

Due to increasing demand in the industry we created a one-day training workshop that gives real estate agents, property managers, and other real estate professionals everything they need to start working with investors right away.

In this training session we teach agents:

  • How to efficiently attract quality investors
  • Key techniques to build rapport with investors
  • How to think like an investor
  • Top areas of focus to provide optimal value
  • Tool and resources to get the edge over other agents
  • Proven techniques to negotiate with investors for big deals

We teach your team members everything they need to know to attract, land and build quality relationships with experienced investors to bring more profit to your agency with less of their time.

Valuable Industry Training and Accreditation

Ongoing training gives your real estate team the skills they need to enhance your agency offerings and profit, the confidence to land bigger clients and more deals, and the development they need to stay and grow their careers with you.

Our training offers:

  • A valuable new skill set for real estate professionals they can use immediately to bring more value to your business
  • Exclusive listing in our agent directory, to be used  by investors to find new business partnerships
  • A registered real estate accreditation they can add to their list of achievements
  • Training that gives them the edge and helps them stand out amongst the 64,000 real estate practitioners in Australia

Exposure To A Wide Network of Investors

For most agencies and real estate professionals, the biggest missing piece in the investor puzzle is finding and attracting quality leads to generate new business.

All real estate agents and property investors that pass our training course and earn their accreditation get automatically listed on our Agent Directory, which is used by investors around Australia to find real estate professionals for profitable business partnerships.

Rachel Barnes has built an extensive network of investors over the past 15 years, and they're always on the lookout for agents to help grow their portfolios. She loves to connect people together and see them succeed - which is why she runs events for her graduates to meet investors and offers free follow-up advice on finding the right leads.

What Our Training Includes

All of our training packages are one-day workshops, lasting from 1 hour for a basic introduction package to 5 hours for our comprehensive accreditation package.

Successful attendees of our accreditation package receive:

  • Investor Friendly Training certificate
  • IFA Window decal
  • Free 12 months listing on the IFA Agent Directory
  • Free tools and resources to get them started working with investor clients

We offer competitive pricing for whole teams which you will earn back immediately after your team members make their first investor sale!

So what are you waiting for? Book a free call with Rachel today to take the first step towards taking your agency profits to the next level.