The Great Real Estate Debate!

Tired of those boring and sometimes expensive networking events where you hand out business cards to random people and get random results?

Bored-people-007Do you dislike those early morning events where you’re up at the crack of dawn, eating a huge breakfast you wouldn’t normally bother to order.  You listen to the guest speaker for 20 minutes but you’re not really awake yet, and already thinking about all the things you need to do today.

You know there’s probably some good contacts for you in the room, but you’ll need to rush off soon before you’ve even had a chance to circulate past your immediate table neighbours.

You ask yourself … how is this possibly giving me value for my time and my money.

This is a FRESH approach and it’s more FUN!

The Great Real Estate Debate is the ULTIMATE event

connecting all sorts of property people!

No more boredom!  No more small talk!  No more random results!

The Great Real Estate Debate brings together all the relevant people important to your business, profession, property portfolio or career.  You can meet customers, contacts, affiliate opportunities, coaches, mentors and more….

This event is for everyone involved in real estate including investors, real estate agents, finance brokers, property managers, developers, solicitors, insurers, advisors, builders, and many other business professionals in the industry.  We break down barriers, build bridges and forge relationships for better business, better property portfolios and better profits all round!

We beSuccessful Business People with raised hands.lieve it’s the ultimate in networking and connection. It’s interactive, interesting and fun.

We invite top people in the Real Estate field to debate a hot topic and the audience gets to vote on which team wins the debate – the Affirmative or the Negative.  This is not a political debate – it’s all very ‘tongue in cheek’ so we can all have fun, with the outcome of each debate designed to be immediately positive and potentially profitable!

Imagine the fun when you heat up the debate with a controversial topic such as  ‘All Buyers are Liars’.

Add to the controversy and fun when with an unexpected line up of Affirmative and Negative players on each of the debating teams … and see if they can persuade you to vote for their team.

Who will win?

You decide!  Come along to have your say by voting on the debate and find out firsthand which team wins. Plus enjoy a scrumptious supper, with bubby or beer, and stimulating conversation, as you network with other property minded people… all included!

Are you an Investor looking for the right contacts to help you source a property or sell a property?

Are you an Agent looking to connect with Sellers and Buyers?

Are you a Finance Broker, Buyers Agent, Renovator, Interior Designer, Developer, Stager…..someone who is in pursuit of profits or fun through property?

Do you understand the leverage and power of not just networking, but really connecting? Then this event is perfect for you!

We bring property professionals and hobbyists together in one room and have some TOP key industry professionals from each side of the arena debate controversial statements…such as ‘Buyers are Liars’.

Have Your Own Tailored Great Debate!

These events and debating topic can be designed to suit your connections and your intentions… and we do all the work … you just bring your people (and invite them to bring  guests!)

This event can help you in many ways…

  • Debate Brisbaneadd value to your existing members and attract new ones
  • put you top of mind when they’re next looking for your services
  • build rapport and relate to your customers and their contacts
  • build your own team’s experience and cohesiveness
  • make a difference to your customers, contacts and your team environment.

Contact for more information.