Investor Friendly Agents

Investor Friendly Agent Workshop – Sydney

This is not a ‘text book’ training session. It’s not theory and fluff. It’s not delivered by an Academic.

It’s a practical workshop where you get to learn what property investors get taught and a lot more!

Here’s some of the things you can expect from these innovative, independent, Investor Friendly Agent workshops:

  1.    Learn how to Leverage your time – helping Investors and Home Owners.
  2.    How to Leverage Investor networks… starting today!
  3.    Find out what to say, and what NOT to say when you’re dealing with investors – particularly women.
  4.    Learn how to ‘read between the lines’ when Investors ask you questions -understanding their agenda could make you a sale or listing, that others would never have seen as an opportunity.
  5.    Understand what investors are looking for yourself, and you will find you attract Investors.
  6.    Learn how to create rapport by using the right terminology.
  7.    Find out how to avoid making the costly mistake of putting all Investors in one basket.
  8.    Learn the fundamentals of 5 different strategies – so you can help novice and experienced investors see the opportunity even in properties that you may have had on the market for months!
  9.    Understand the different tools and resources available to help you, and add value to Investors at the same time.
  10.    Low ball offers can be frustrating – but when we give you the tips and techniques to take that negative and turn it into a positive, we have no doubt you’ll make a lot more sales and get a lot more referrals – with less effort.
  11.    Learn how you can achieve a great result for Investors on both sides of the transaction – as Vendor and Buyer.
  12.    Heck, you may even decide to invest in more property yourself!


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