What’s this ‘Investor Friendly Agents’ stuff all about?

Great Question!

Before I explain WHAT it is, I’d like to explain WHY it is …

Firstly, let me introduce myself.  I’m Rachel Barnes, the founder of  Investor Friendly Agents.  I’m actually a Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author.  I’m passionate about connecting and empowering people – particularly when it involves Real Estate and having fun. 10387174_10152219164927762_1854223806071006918_o (99x100)

For years my partner and I have invested in Real Estate and on the most part it’s been great fun and very financially rewarding.  In fact within a few years of starting to invest, we were both able to leave employment – Yay!

Since then I’ve become a regular speaker on investing, and for 7 years that has been predominantly with Property Women (www.propertywomen.com.au).  That led me to mentoring and coaching individuals to help them start investing or grow their portfolios.

bridge to houseOne of the key issues I cover with coaching clients is that the better your team, the easier and more rewarding your investing will be.  But when I point out that having a great relationship with a ‘switched on’ Real Estate Agent is a major benefit, I usually get a very negative response from my client.  I do understand why, because I’ve had lots of interactions with Real Estate Agents myself as we built our 75+ property portfolio over the years, and have been disappointed with so many Agents.

Actually, if we’d taken on board what many of the Agents told us as being ‘facts’, we wouldn’t have bought as many properties as we have. Thankfully we stuck to our guns, knowing the deals were there, and so we managed to build a multi-million dollar portfolio, despite Real Estate Agents, rather than because of them.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been approached by some very pro-active Agents who seriously want to list some of our properties.  Some of them are persistent but not competent, some are honest but not consistent, some lack integrity and some are down right aggressive!  But then there’s a few gems I’ve had the pleasure to meet who have integrity, are consistent, build good relationships, and are open to continual improvement.  Hallelujah !!

That’s WHY I decided to offer an affordable service to train Agents who have the integrity and drive, and help them improve their business. My overall goal is to build bridges between Real Estate Professionals (Agents, Property Managers and Finance Brokers) and Property Investors in three ways:

team success1. Training professionals to become ‘Investor Friendly

2. Accrediting and promoting professionals so they can be easily found and identified by Investors.

3. Connecting professionals and investors at special Networking Events (Great Real Estate Debates) to have FUN as well as potentially profit through the associations they make.

But it’s not for everyone.  

In Australia and New Zealand there are approx. 56,000 Agents.  Thankfully I don’t have to reach them all, because my focus is not the ones who are arrogant and believe they’ve been in the industry so long they know everything.

My objective is to seek out and assist approx. 2,000 this year across Australia and New Zealand before we take on the world!.

The focus is on those who are enthusiastic, have energy, are looking for improvement and understand the benefits of building strong relationships for the long term, not just the short term.  These are the Agents who will appreciate the knowledge and connections that they’ll receive through Investor Friendly Agents.

Now you know what all this ‘Investor Friendly‘ stuff is about 🙂

Feel free to contact me personally at rachel@investorfriendlyagents.com.au about Investor Friendly training, or referring someone who you believe deserves recognition and Accreditation.Great Debate Collage

Whatever your interest in property, come along and join us at one of our upcoming Networking Events!

The first Great Real Estate Debate was held in Brisbane – it was such FUN … see you at the next one!

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